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A day in Dizin


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Snow Boarding in Iran:


A Few Words About Us

What is Dizin Ski resort , anyways

It was hiking that brought the first sport enthusiast to Dizin. Later on it became a regular place for Ski during the winter and in summer for "Grass Ski" .

The huge Dizin ski resort was established in 1969 . The ski season in Dizin also lasts longer than European ski resorts (from December to May) because of its high altitude.

The highest ski lift ha reaches 3,600 m (11,800 ft), making it one of the 40 highest ski resorts in the world.


Dizin chalet & Hotels:

Dizin ski amenities include two hotels, 19 cottages and 5 restaurants, villas and private apartments around the Dizin ski resort accommodate thousands of people every year.