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Well, its not really about the snow, as much its about peace of mind..

It sometimes seem to be a good idea to let some other person to do things for you when you really don't have time to do as perfectly as you wished or there is so much details that you really rather some other expert other than you to take it over and give you the results.

This is the philosophy that we have. We get it done right the way you wanted it to be done. We offer some limited tour packages that comprises of your visa to Iran, your transportation to and from Dizin ski slope, accommodation in local hotel or chalets, local ski teacher (if you need one) and most of all a peace at mind .

There are also some of you that wanted to check out other places in Iran and get to see different aspects of Iranian life. So for you lucky guys we have some surprises in pocket. We have teamed up with some of the best tour operator and private travel guides in in Iran and would like to offer you the opportunity to get to see some of historical, cultural highlight of Iran in the short and mid term sightseeing tours.

These tours are 3 to 21 days and encompass places and sights that you specifically want to see. We also offer pre arranged tour itineraries based on MOST VISITED sights in Iran. So, as you can see , you have got plenty of choices. The tour fares vary and definitely can be tailor made so that you would get best out of your money and time.

Iran is an unforgettable and amazing place that not many get the chance to see it , except world travelers like you.


 Specials & Packages

Here we just wanted to give a few example of the packages that we have come up for you. We are sure that we can work out any kind of combination of ski , sightseeing and special travel arrangements right based on your travel date, budget and time constrains that you might have.

Just let us know and we get back to you with our suggestion and recommendations, as soon as possible.

We know traveling is not easy and take lots of planning and you detailed information to make a good decision , so why you just don't go ahead and let us know if there is any specific information that you need. We get back to you as soon as possible or we can set up a private chat room and go over your questions one by one , with no hurry!.